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Prepare to be captivated by the Carver Integrated Sustainability Center | Future Farmers and Agricultural Specialist Program as they celebrate Earth Day year-round with their engaging and dynamic monthly virtual events, Earth2TU. Get ready to embark on a journey that will reshape your perspective on our relationship with the earth and each other.

The Earth2TU series is not just an ordinary event; it has the power to revolutionize national research and relationships in ways that are authentic and forward-focused. With a wide range of topics, from policy and international relations to business, health, and engineering, there’s something for everyone to discover and grow. This groundbreaking series will ignite your creativity and innovation, encouraging us to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Additional Information

  • Antoine Mordican
  • Candace Clark
  • Amir Muhammad
  • Demetrius Hooks
  • Jason White
  • Maurice Antoine
  • Derreus Johnson
  • Monyai Chavers

Reporting in from Earth...

Immerse yourself in sessions filled with thought-provoking films, industry experts, and historical figures who will not only educate but also level the playing field for newcomers to agricultural, environmental, and engineering spaces. Through engaging dialogues, experiences, and technologies, participants will have the opportunity to explore this exciting field and broaden their horizons.

Complementing the annual Professional Agricultural Worker’s Conference and Farmers’ Conference, Earth Week, and Earth2TU will take your knowledge and relationship with the environment to new heights. The CAENS and its county-wide engagement will bring together entrepreneurs, unconventional agriculturalists, and cultural/political icons to the Tuskegee table. As the world confronts the challenges of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, Earth2TU and EarthWeek are our unwavering commitment to keeping you informed, engaged, and connected. Join us in this collective effort to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Register here to enjoy our upcoming Earth2TU event.

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