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Growing the Green

Growing the Green

Step into the captivating world of Growing the Green, a 30-minute program that brings together an incredible lineup of hosts. Join Antoine Mordican, the esteemed president of Alabama’s state chapter of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, along with the knowledgeable urban ag extension agent and veterinarian, Dr. Harold “Snapper” Higgins; And of course, we can’t forget the dynamic presence of Kandeaux the Farm Plug. 

Prepare to be immersed in thought-provoking discussions as they delve into the future of cannabis and its profound impact on our world. Through their expertise and unique perspectives, the hosts will guide you on an enlightening journey, showcasing the extraordinary ways in which cannabis is set to transform our society. From its potential to shape industries and economies to its ability to revolutionize healthcare, Growing the Green explores the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Additional Information

  • Antoine Mordican
  • Lakiah Natasha
  • Candace Clark

Growing the Green Responsibly

The program aims to inform and educate listeners about the role of cannabis in shaping the future. It explores laws and news stories that address communities impacted by climate change and the war on drugs. As cannabis becomes more mainstream, the hosts believe that it is essential for communities to be equipped with the tools to rebuild, renew, and restore themselves.

Be sure to tune in so we can grow together and elevate the conversation on how cannabis can positively impact our society. We’d also love to get a special shout-out and thank you for the continued support from 90.7fm, WVAS, Alabama State’s radio station for excellence, and the Student Marijuana Alliance for Research Transparency (SMART), which is #1 in college cannabis. We encourage you to follow and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on the industry and the trajectory of Alabama.

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