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Graduate Extension Interns/Fellows

Graduate Extension Interns/Fellows

This 2-year internship is for post-graduates who would like a deeper dive into experiential learning in cooperative extension. Interns/Fellows are assigned an Extension mentor as well as a project that involves program development, execution, evaluation, and reporting. In addition to this, they assist mentors and other extension professionals in their day-to-day program needs. Interns/Fellows are expected to have a means of transportation upon acceptance into the program. Applicants who are not enrolled in TU graduate school are accepted as interns, while those who are enrolled in a TU PhD program are accepted as fellows.

Ambrit Millhouse et al. posing for a photo

Additional Information

  • Demetrius Hooks
  • Raymon Shange
  • Matthew Robinson
  • Al Hooks Produce
  • Woodbridge Farm
  • Tuskegee National Forest
  • Introducing our Clusters
  • Al Hooks Produce

Partner Sites for the Internship Training Program

The Carver Integrative Sustainability Center is a unique, intimate learning environment where students are given the tools to embrace their full potential and pursue their aspirations through hands-on experimental learning. Our graduate students who are a part of our graduate Internship Training Program have worked diligently and made a major impact in their areas connecting everything back to Tuskegee University College of Agriculture.

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Welcome! We’re excited for you to learn more about summer internships with the CISC!
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