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Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

We are dedicated to continuing the work of Dr. George Washington Carver in using innovative and creative methods of improving the condition of the men, women and children “farthest down”. This approach includes an integrative approach (Research, Extension, and Education) targeting 4 established pillars of sustainability: Ecological, Economic, Social, and Health/Wellness. This approach is one that philosophically begins with the needs of the farmer and rural stakeholder, and pulls on scientific principles to implement economically, ecologically, and socially appropriate solutions within the context of our stakeholders. The CISC has established 9 Integrated Research/Extension Programs that step beyond traditional approaches in order to have non-traditional impacts in the established four pillars of sustainability.

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Our Mission

The strategic mission of the CISC is to utilize an interdisciplinary approach to address rural and agricultural profitability, conservation, policy, and wellness. Three objectives arise out of this mission:

  • Engage in interdisciplinary research whose outputs are directly applicable to the rural and agricultural issues for
  • Utilize cutting edge scientific discovery to assist in developing extension programs for marginalized stakeholders, and
  • Structure experiential learning activities for student engagement in assisting stakeholders and communities.

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