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George Washington Carver wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera

The Beginning of CISC

The history of the CISC begins with George Washington Carver and his philosophy of nature and care for humanity. It is with that same spirit that leading Director, Walter Hill, founded the center as an agreement between the United States Department of Agriculture (including all of its subagencies) and Tuskegee University in 2010. The initiative was to colocate a USDA Service Center with multiple subagencies with Tuskegee University faculty and staff so that they may be better equipped to serve minority producers and communities following the years of inequity admitted to by the USDA following the Pigford v. Glickman lawsuit. Over the course of a decade, the CISC has evolved into a transdisciplinary coalition still working in the spirit of Dr. George Washington Carver with a new generation of scholars and leaders. 

Tuskegee University is a top ranked HBCU!

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