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Family INC. x CISC

Family INC. x CISC

FAMILY, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was incorporated in 1997 with a vision based on the biological fact that we are all members of one family. Based on that biological truth, FAMILY believes that the usually accepted scope of community development should be expanded to include all members of the community, and for the healthy development of a community, the healthy development of a human body, mind, and spirit should be its model.  For the healthy and wholesome development of a community, all of its systems (healthcare systems, education systems, economic, political, etc.) should work in harmony with each other for the benefit of all of its members, as do the systems of a healthy body (nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, etc.)

To achieve comprehensive community development, FAMILY believes that the following steps should be taken: 1) form public-private partnerships, with all partners helping each other to respond effectively to evolving development needs of the people and also the environment; 2) integrate the interactions of all partners in this community development process; and 3) create regional centers for the integration and coordination of the processes of assessment, planning, and education, in order to realign the systems of society and its environment so that they will all function in harmony with each other.

Together, the CISC and FAMILY, Inc will establish its primary Center in Tuskegee, AL. This center will serve as the Center for Compassionate Development that seeks comprehensive, youth, family, community, and international development. Through non-formal educational programs, the center will provide wrap around services to its immediate and surrounding communities while extending programs to partnering centers in Haiti, Boston, and Montana.

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