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Introducing the 2FAS Podcast: Inspiring Conversations for a Sustainable Future

Are you ready to dive into thought-provoking discussions on building a sustainable future? Look no further than the 2FAS Podcast! Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities within the agricultural world, and ignite your passion for creating a more inclusive and resilient future. Our mission is to empower Black farmers and communities, equipping them with the knowledge and resources necessary to thrive in the agricultural industry.

At the heart of our approach lies a deep understanding of the pressing issues faced by Black farmers. We recognize the need to revolutionize experiential learning, bridging the gap between theory and action. Through innovative internship programs, we provide students with hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture, empowering them to become catalysts for change.

But our impact doesn’t stop there. We actively collaborate with the government, citizens, and the agricultural sector to create a tangible and lasting impact. From addressing sustainable farming practices to exploring cutting-edge technology in food and agriculture, we leave no stone unturned. Our focus extends beyond the realm of agriculture, delving into social justice, political education, and advocacy, and fostering meaningful connections between urban and rural communities.


Additional Information

  • Ashanti-Ali Davis
  • Candace Clark
  • Amir Muhammad
  • Lakiah Natasha
  • Demetrius Hooks
  • Derreus Johnson

The podcast that practices sustainability.

Immerse yourself in sessions filled with thought-provoking films, industry experts, and historical figures who will not only educate but also level the playing field for newcomers to agricultural, environmental, and engineering spaces. Through engaging dialogues, experiences, and technologies, participants will have the opportunity to explore this exciting field and broaden their horizons.

Complementing the annual Professional Agricultural Worker’s Conference and Farmers’ Conference, Earth Week, and Earth2TU will take your knowledge and relationship with the environment to new heights. The CAENS and its county-wide engagement will bring together entrepreneurs, unconventional agriculturalists, and cultural/political icons to the Tuskegee table. As the world confronts the challenges of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, Earth2TU and EarthWeek are our unwavering commitment to keeping you informed, engaged, and connected. Join us in this collective effort to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Tuskegee University is a top ranked HBCU!

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